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Date of submission for public consultation: 8th of August 2016
Public consultation end date: 9th of September 2016


Dear all,

Following the suggestions received after the field test of the National Standard, the FSC ® Standard Development Group for Romania has prepared Draftul 2-0 he FSC National Standard for Forest Management in Romania. This draft is submitted to public consultation beginning with the date of 8th of August 2016 until the date of 9th of September 2016.

The comments shall be sent in electronic format, by filling in the public consultation form.

The comments shall be sent to the attention of the FSC National Standard Development Group at the e-mail address: [email protected], no later than the 9th of September 2016.


Important clarifications

The FSC® Principles and Criteria are mandatory; they are not to be changed, nor do they make the object of the consultation. The comments shall only address the Indicators, the Verifiers and the Annexes of this Standard (D2-0).

For the comments on the Draft 2-0 of the FSC® Standard National , to be valid, the following conditions must be met:

  • Comments are to be sent only in electronic format at the address: [email protected] for the Romanian Standard Development Group;
  • Comments are to be made by filling in the form for public consultation and attaching it to the e-mail, or directly on the website www.standardnational.ro (online version);
  • Valid are only comments sent until the date of 09.09.2016;
  • Comments are to be written in Romanian language;
  • The comments have official character and shall include mandatory identification data as required in the “Form for public consultation on National Standard_Draft 2-0” with surname and name, contact data and expertise field.

At the end of the consultation process all the comments received will be studied by the FSC National Standard Development Group which will issue a public report including:

  • A summary of the comments received (including the sender and the sender’s contact data);
  • The National Standard Development Group’s answers to the comments received;
  • Clarifications on the way in which the comments received were integrated in the subsequent version of the draft submitted to public consultation;

Further information on the process of the Standard adaptation can be found at:

If you have knowledge of other persons, institutions or organizations that might be interested in this process, we encourage you to redirect to them the content of this announcement.

Sincerely yours,
The Romanian National Standard Development Group



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